Package net.sourceforge.aqueduct

Interface Summary
InputSource Marker interface for an object that supplies a State with the contextual information it needs to choose a transition name.
State<T extends InputSource> A state in the state machine.
StateEventListener<T extends InputSource> Interface to be used by objects wishing to be notified when one or more given states encounters a transition event.

Class Summary
StateEvent<T extends InputSource> Message sent to active StateEventListeners.
StateMachine<S extends State<I>,I extends InputSource> Maintains the current state and InputSource used by a particular execution of a StateMachineDescription.
StateMachineDescription<S extends State<I>,I extends InputSource> Contains State objects and the transitions between them.
StateMachineDescription.Builder<S extends State<I>,I extends InputSource> Convenience class that simplifies the code required to create a StateMachineDescription.

Exception Summary
InvalidStateTransitionException Thrown when a StateMachine attempts to transition to a next state, but the current State returns an unknown transition name.

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